10 Best Masturbation Websites for Live Sex Cam Chat

Masturbating by yourself is somewhat enjoyable but it isn't what most people would truly call fun. If you want to have a good experience, you can use online masturbation websites to masturbate with other adults cam to cam. These websites are full of people looking for all different kinds of activities but they have one thing in common, they all want to have live cam sex.

The one problem with using masturbation sites is that there are so many on the internet. It is hard to know what masturbate sites to choose and what ones to go with. Choosing the wrong site won't just lead to not getting off. Plenty of people have reported stolen identities and/or stolen money from phony adult cam sites.You are also trusting someone with your identity.

To help simplify the process we have narrowed the huge selection down to 10 options. In today's article we are going to go over the 10 best masturbation cam sites for people looking for adult sex chat and what each one features.

#1 Chaturbate


Editor's Pick - The Best Mutual Masturbation Site.

Out of all of the websites that you can go to in order to have masturbation, Chaturbate is the most well-known and the best. It is what you might recognize as a webcam site. It features a bunch of models and users who broadcast their webcams for anyone to see. Each user decides what they want to do and who they want to speak with.

Like with many other masturbation websites, you don't use regular money to pay for interactions or to tip models. Instead, you use tokens. Depending on how much you purchase at a time, they have a different value. But they are traded around the website and can be earned for free by completing certain tasks.

Unlike some of the competition, Chaturbate isn't designed for a specific gender. There are tabs for featured cams, female cams, male cams, couple cams, and trans cams. These are called chatrooms. Models create rules for their own cams but the website does come with the typical set of rules.

The only real downside we could find with Chaturbate is that the website feels very old in design. Color choice is a bit off and the visual details are older in nature, leading us to this. But that is a small price to pay for some of the best cams out there.

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#2 Cams.com


A Top Masturbate Site With Plenty Of Models.

Cams.com is a top masturbation website with models from around the world. These models come to the website to make money and entertain those who view their cams. They also come to have fun of their own. It has a more updated appearance than many other cam websites and has some unique features. But the biggest attractant is the number of models that are on the website.

At any one time there are pages of both men, women, and trans models on at one time. When writing this, there were 655 models online.

People turn to Cams.com because of the various features that you can access. Buzzmode and Text Me are just two of them. Buzzmode allows the tips to control what happens with the models toys. Or Text Me allows you to talk to your favorite models at any time. The ability to filter down the models you see by their likes or what they offer is also highly enjoyed.

The slogan of Cams.com is "It's Totally FREE! No credit card needed." While you can sign up for free, you only get a limited number of tokens. You have to either pay for more tokens or earn them through modeling. Otherwise, you are just watching models. You start with 100 free tokens.

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#3 AshleyMadison


Best place to have some fun with lonely housewife.

AshleyMadison is the premier online sex hookup site to find a partner for some casual fun. The website is specifically designed for only those hot women who are in a relationship or even married. It is getting close to 20 years old and provides a wide variety of services.

Everything about AshleyMadison is designed to be discrete, from the account system to the billing. Unlike with many sex finder, AshleyMadison never uses real profiles in their advertising to help keep your information from being seen. You also sign up with whatever username you choose so others don't have to know your name until you are ready.

You will now find over 60 million users on this site and there are two key features you will find on AshleyMadison - FREE for women to use and MORE women than men.

AshleyMadison does not use a traditional billing system. Instead of using a subscription base, the site works on credits. When men use the features on the website they have to spend some of their credits. Credits can range anywhere from 25 cents to 49 cents depending on how many you buy at one time.

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#4 AdultFriendFinder


The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Community.

If you want more than masturbation, you should try this one. You can get laid with local hot girls and it also has a masturbation cam feature.

While not a traditional cam website, AdultFriendFinder is one of the biggest adult dating websites in the world. Millions of people have turned to the website to find everything from a NSA one time hookup to a regular relationship. The website has robust features that are very similar to a traditional social media website such as liking and commenting on pictures.

One of their side features that appeared after the release of the website is nude cam chat. Members can chat with each other over live webcam. They can also meet adult models on the website that are there to entertain others.

People love AdultFriendFinder for finding online live sex for two reasons. One of those reasons is the people you chat with feel more natural and less like models. Many other sites, the host of the cam joins in order to earn money. People are actually looking for more on AdultFriendFinder, you can get laid with local hot girls!

The second reason that we like AdultFriendFinder is the fact that if you want to, you can move off the website and have an actual hookup. Many users find themselves satisfied with just webcams for sex chat. It can be just as entertaining and there are many other benefits.

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#5 Skibbel


A Website Dedicated To Online Masturbation.

Skibbel is an masturbation app and website designed to give those who are horny a place to go. Unlike other cam sites, this isn't the traditional website with lists of models. Instead, it connects you with a stranger who wants what you want. Think of it as the Chat Roulette of sex sites. If you don't like your match you can move on to the next one. Chat for as long as you want and with as many people as you want.

Compared to similarly designed websites, you have a strong feature. You can select what you are looking for in your masturbation partner. For example, you can select the gender of the person you are looking to match with. This is a feature that is missing on many of the sites that cam after Skibbel and even on the clean versions of this site.

Unlike others on the list, the Skibbel platform is actually free. It doesn't cost anything to connect with other users. That is because they are users and not paid models. You also do not have to identify yourself. Many people choose to use fake names and never show their face. Who needs to use their face during sex chat anyways?

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#6 Bateworld


Old Style Masturbation Website.

Bateworld is a community that was created to allow people to masturbate with each other on the internet. The main focus of the website is discussion forums, instant messaging, and photo albums. However, they have a number of other features such as video chat. Using the video chat portion of the website, allows you to connect with other members. You connect with other real people, not paid models.

Features such as video chat, viewing user videos, and more are paid features. You must pay a fee of $25 to start an account. After that, 90 days are $21. 180 days are $41 and 365 days is $60.

There are no automatic matchmaking features for video chat on Bateworld. You have to navigate the site and find matches that look right for you. Then you have to talk to them and create a bond. Most people won't just hop on cam because they want to feel comfortable.

All of the features on the Bateworld have constantly been upgraded and will continue to be. We mention this because you will notice the fact that the website looks very much like a website from the early 2000's. You will also have to get passed the glaring red design in order to use the website.

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#7 Masturbate2Gether


A Clone Site of Chaturbate.

The first thing that you will notice is that the Masturbate2Gether website appears to be a clone of the Chaturbate website. The layout and appearance is very similar. But just because it carries the same appearance doesn't mean that they are the same in features. Masturbate together expands upon the menu bar, adding more options to filter down the selection. Are you mature and lonely? Or a gay boy? Turn to Masturbate2Gether to get the help you need.

Like with the other cam model sites that we have mentioned, you can find just about anything you are looking for. From models that will just talk to you in order to get you off to models that get nude and play with themselves.

On Masturbate2Gether you can create a basic account for free but you don't need to create an account to simply watch a cam. All you need to do for that is to click on a webcam preview and watch. For anything else, you will need to purchase some of the website's tokens. Tokens are used to tip models and to pay them for activities that you are looking to engage in.

#8 TheWankCam


Another Stereotypical Wank Cam Website.

The Wank Cam is another website with a very familiar website. It has all of the same features that you have seen on Chaturbate or Masturbate2Gether. The same general template was used for the website with the only big difference being the colors used. In fact, some of the same models that you find on the other websites, will rotate onto Wank Cam to make more money.

What sets The Wank Cam off from the competition is that the website has a little more creativity when it comes to naming the features. For example, the girl's on cam section is titled "Girls Watching Guys Jerk Off."

You will also notice that The Wank Cam has plenty of models. You could chat with a different model every day and have fun with a new person everyday. That being said, many people get to know a select few models and enjoy their time with them. But the option is there.

If you want to become a model yourself you can in order to make more money or to make tokens in order to spend time with models. Models make a decent income and their are plenty of people who use The Wank Cam and similar sites as their primary income.

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#9 JerkMate


JerkMate Takes Porn And Masturbation To Amazing New Levels - Never Jerk off Alone Again.

Many of the people on other websites are those who are looking to earn money while jerking off on cam. They won't do stuff unless you pay and they expect you to pay a decent amount of money. That is different with JerkMate. You know how the porn world has amateur videos that are shot at home?

The cam world has those amateurs too. Just because users of these websites aren't professionals doesn't mean that they are lacking in quality. Modern webcam technology allows users to show their cams with the same image quality as professionals. Amateurs can be just as beautiful too.

Instead of very brief cam titles that other websites have for their shows, you can find detailed titles on the shows on JerkMate.

For times when you can't find a model you want to watch or want something else, JerkMate has you covered. The website has both videos and images posted on the site from amateurs around the world.

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#10 Pornhub


Pornhub - The Biggest Names in the Adult Industry.

When it comes to online masturbation websites, one of the biggest names in the industry is Pornhub. This website has completely replaced the traditional hidden magazines under the bed. It offers many features that take it above the other options in the industry. Further, there aren't many drawbacks in using Pornhub for masturbation. There is a reason that they have gotten where they are.

The world of  masturbation webcam chat is huge. There are many more masturbation websites out there on the internet. But save your time and take a look at all of these websites. Each one was chosen because it has unique features that help to make the experience more pleasurable. We have provided options that are both free and paid because we know that sometimes paid options are what is needed. A paid model generally provides a more enjoyable experience afterall.