Masturbate2gether - The Clone of Chaturbate, Why It Can be Your Another Best Choice?

Ever since webcams were invented people have wanted to use them for sexual purposes. It wasn't long before sites started to be inundated with users looking to have a good time. But then those people needed a place to go. Chaturbate became that place. It has hundreds, if not thousands of users in a day. So many users that it has become flooded.

These users come to find one thing. A good time. But Chaturbate has become a little tied down with scams, blocked windows, and people just hitting next constantly. The solution? A clone of Chaturbate. That clone is

Masturbate2gether may be a clone but you'll have a hard time telling the difference between it and Chaturbate. The two look very similar and have the same goal. Besides the higher quality of people on Masturbate2gether, why should you switch? Let's take a quick look.


Almost All Of The Same Features

Masturbate2gether is a clone of Chaturbate. That means when it was released it had all of the same features that Chaturbate does. You get the access to the exact same features with all of the further benefits below. Why not?

That being said, keep in mind that the features might be just a hair different. Because the two websites are not updated at the exact same time, there is fluctuation. That fluctuation should be minor though.

In fact, many people report that they have better connection speeds and better quality images because they are connecting to the same content through a less used network. But still getting the same experience, something that a lot of users are after.

Easier On The Eyes

A lot of people think that the white and blue color scheme for Masturbate2gether is easier on the eyes. It lends itself to an easy scan of the page and allows you to get straight to the section you want, the models. It has also been said that the logo is better and also has a generally better scheme. Layout further lends to this because of small tweaks made to the UI to make it better for your eyes. Again your focus is drawn to what matters, the model.

More Than Enough Users

Because Masturbate2gether is just a clone of one of the most popular sex cam websites, it has plenty of users. People want to use it just as much as they want to use Chaturbate. You don't have to worry about whether or not you will find the right person, you definitely will. Just hop on the site and start browsing around.

One of the main reasons people choose sites like this is for the real users behind the site. No one wants to chat with a bot or watch a prerecorded videos. Masturbate2gether does not stock their website with videos. Just cams.

Basic Camming Overview

You cannot access a model or cammers cam until you have created a quick account. An account is very easy to setup and the best part about it, Masturbate2gether didn't decide to start charging for accounts. This helps to protect models from random people just lurking on their profiles and recording what is going on. It also allows you an extra layer of privacy.

If you find a model you want you can watch them and chat with them publicly via your account. However, for more than that you should be prepared to pay.

The currency of Masturbate2gether is tokens. You can either buy tokens or by running your own cam shows. You then tip your favorite models with tokens to get the party started. Depending on when you sign up for your account, you may be credited some tokens to get you started.

With all of this put together you get the same great package as Chaturbate in a better platform. That is what Masturbate2gether is. The platform that was designed to work alongside Chaturbate to give everyone a place to go. With the zero cost and the only potential be to get benefit, why not test it out? Take a look at the previews and see what you think.