Pornhub - The Biggest Names in the Adult Industry

When it comes to online masturbation websites, one of the biggest names in the industry is Pornhub. This website has completely replaced the traditional hidden magazines under the bed. It offers many features that take it above the other options in the industry. Further, there aren't many drawbacks in using Pornhub for masturbation. There is a reason that they have gotten where they are.


It Is Free… Mostly

For the most part, you can see everything on Pornhub for free. Videos uploaded to Pornhub are completely free to watch at 720P HD. That means you can watch high-quality porn while masturbating without having to pay a dime. Photos and live cams are also free to view.

With that in mind, if you want to get more for your masturbation pleasure, you can become a member. Membership allows you to watch 1080P HD porn and 4K UHD porn. Now that is some top tier porn. You also get rid of those pesky ads and can download videos with the high-speed download servers.

Pornhub Is Full Of Ads

Pornhub is full of ads and knowing that can help to prevent your computer from getting a virus or from missing out on the best experience. On most pages on the website, there will be banner ads, ignore these. You might also find ads that are shaped the same as a video but they don't have a video title or a number of views. Again, avoid those.

The most important ad to be aware of is one that opens up when you try to visit for the first time in a browsing session. At the first time that you browse for a session and click on your first video, a new tab will open. The video you want to watch will be in a new window and the original window will turn to an ad. Close out the ad to see the video you want.

It Has Something For Everyone

Many people wonder if a free porn website will really have content that would interest them. Pornhub hosts both professional porn and amateur porn, which means there are a lot of people who upload content. There are over 60 different categories for videos on Pornhub with almost all categories containing more than a thousand videos. Some, such as the amateur video tag contain hundreds of thousands of videos.

Pornhub Is Mobile Compatible And Android Compatible

You can access Pornhub from your cellphone and watch whatever videos you want without issues. You can search, browse, and watch whatever videos or content on their website that you want. However, the formatting is a mobile typical design so it lacks any elegance.

If you are using an Android device you have another option. You can download the Android Pornhub App. The app is available on the Pornhub website and must be downloaded as a non-trusted source. Google's Play Store does not let you download it. It is important that you only install the app from the Pornhub website as there are scam and virus versions of the app that have been uploaded to the internet.

Get Random Porn Via Text

Pornhub has so many choices that it can be hard to decide what you want. To help you decide you can get porn delivered to your cell phone via text. By sending a message to Pornhub's number you will be given a link that is based on the emoji that you sent.

Here are the phone numbers:

  • US: 646 760 PORN
  • Canada: 855 668 PORN
  • UK: 44740392PORN

PORN is 7676 FYI.

And we tested these emojis:

  • Peach - Big Ass Videos
  • Eggplant - Big Dick Videos
  • Japanese Flag - Japanese Porn Videos
  • Cherry - Small Tits

There are 30 listed emojis on the Pornhub website. These will get you a variety of videos. But they have also stated that they haven't listed them all, so start testing random emojis, you never know what you might find. Plus, if an emoji isn't in their database you still get a completely random video.

Pornhub is a wonderful place to go when it is time to masturbate. There is a lot to know about the website and these are just some of the most important facts. By browsing through the site you will start to learn a lot. Despite a large number of ads, the experience is quite enjoyable. They are easy to put out of the mind.