Why Chaturbate Is The Best Place for Masturbating

When you turn to the internet to masturbate you have a lot of options. Many of those options are scams. Another good portion of those require you to pay money. What is the best solution then? One that doesn't cost you money and you are sure to be safe on.

Chaturbate is one of the best masturbation sites out there. We have come to this conclusion after a good amount of research and after looking through the site. But we don't like telling people that we think a website is a go-to without explaining our reasoning. So in today's article, we are going to talk a little bit about why we found Chaturbate to be the best.


It Is Free

The number one reason that we looked into Chaturbate is that it is free. You don't need to pay a cent in order to watch models or broadcast yourself. You just pick a model you like and start watching. No need to even make an account.

Many cam websites require that you pay in order to get tokens, Chaturbate changes that. There are a number of ways that you can earn free tokens. These tokens can be used to tip models or to make special requests.

A Wide Variety Of Models

Because you don't have to be a traditional cam model in order to broadcast on Chaturbate, there are plenty of options to view when you need to get off. Women from every country and those who like just about anything out there.

Beyond that though, there are trans people, gay people, lesbian people, people having sex. If it is legal, chances are that you can find at least a little bit of it on Chaturbate. A main reason that we rank this website so high.

To find models on the website you can go through different hashtags. Much like you would on social media. The top tags are displayed in the header of the cammer list. Other tags can be found by clicking the more tags link at the top right.

Tube Section With Photos And Videos

The Tube section on Chaturbate is still new. In fact, it is still in Beta but Tube is already proving to be a popular destination for many users. In the Tube section, you have the ability to look at pictures and video from the various cammers on the website. They can upload free content or paid content. From what we have seen, there is plenty of free content to masturbate to.

Anonymity Is Built In

For those that just want to watch videos and get off, anonymity is built in. For those that just want to view cams or browse the Tube section, you don't have to log in. Those that want to do more, such as chat with other users or cammers, don't have to do much more. You just have to create a free account.

To create a free account no credit card is required. Neither is an email.

We recommend that you set up an account without using an email address. In addition, we also suggest that you come up with a clever username that does not identify you in any way. An important thing for those who worry about friends or family finding them on such sites.

It Was Designed To Masturbate With

Many of these cam sites are designed for users to spend hundreds of dollars on, sometimes in one visit. Chaturbate isn't that way. It was designed for people to get off on. Users don't need to spend a lot of money, or any at all, in order to get off. They want users to come back, they want to develop a good amount of people who want to return.

The Chaturbate experience is amazing, a one of a kind website. When we wrote this article there were 57 pages of just female models on Chaturbate. To further that, the website claims that there are thousands of models on at any time. From what we have seen that is true. And very few of those models are doing the exact same thing. So why not try out the website, risk-free with no account needed? And make sure to check out our other articles about masturbation and masturbating online.

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