5 Ways to Find Women Who Love to Masturbate

Most men are open about the fact that they masturbate. Yet women are often perceived as not being as likely to enjoy masturbation as men, despite how normal and healthy it is for adults.

In fact, women are just as likely to enjoy masturbating as men do. It makes sense, as masturbation is simply a lot of fun. You get to explore your body, learn what turns you on, and enjoy the ecstasy of an organ (or two)!

Sadly, lots of guys think it's hard to find women who love to masturbate. However, the truth is, there are just as many women who love to watch masturbating as men – you just need to know where and how to find them!

Check out our handy guide for tips on how to find women that love to masturbate:

Women Who Love to Masturbate

Masturbation Websites

If you're looking to find a woman who loves to touch herself while watching a man masturbate, look no further than masturbation websites online!

As the name suggests, masturbation sites are designed for men and women who love to masturbate.

These sites function like dating sites, with various users that you can match and chat with. One of the big selling points of these sites is that everyone there enjoys masturbating, making it easy to find like-minded people to masturbate with.

In fact, most masturbation sites provide live webcam chats where you can watch and masturbate with women online. Women who are using these are 100% open about their love for self-pleasure, making it one of the best places to find women who love to masturbate.

Plus, these sites offer all kinds of cool features, like solo masturbation videos, cam to cam chats, private messaging, and much more.

Consider checking some of the best masturbation websites for live sex cam chat to help you find a gorgeous woman!

Adult Dating Websites

Yes, you can use adult dating websites to help you find women that love to masturbate.

While traditional dating websites and apps might not focus on masturbation chat, sites focusing on casual sex, hook-ups, fetishes, etc. are a great place to check out.

Adult dating sites openly encourage hook-up culture and embracing your sexuality. You'll find plenty of open-minded women that are passionate about masturbating – many will have live shows for you to check out!

Plus, these types of dating sites have search features that let you filter users based on various sexual preferences, desires, and fetishes. You can easily use these features to search for women, whom you can then contact, like on traditional dating apps.

Adult dating sites are good places to search for horny women. They're more likely to be open about their love for self-pleasure compared to normal dating sites, so be sure to look these up!

Cam Sites

Webcamming sites are a great place to watch hot models' live masturbation shows.

There are countless cam girls out there, and they all enjoy masturbating in front of cameras for their fans. While you might need to pay a few bucks to enjoy the show, you're guaranteed to support a girl that not only loves to touch herself but also likes sharing it with others.

That said, you might struggle to find a hookup on these sites, but you're certain to find someone that loves to get off on their own. Plus, you might even get the chance to watch a private one on one show where you masturbate for each other on a webcam – something many guys love to do.

Social Media

Certain social media websites are a goldmine for finding women that love masturbating.

Look for adult-friendly media sites such as Twitter/X or Reddit, as there are millions of female users on these platforms who are open about their love of masturbating.

For instance, why not jump on Twitter and use some hashtags related to female masturbation – you'll be shocked at how many women love to masturbate on the website!

Granted, many of these users are camgirls, porn stars, and influencers, yet there are plenty of everyday women also showcasing their appreciation of self-pleasure.

Sites like Instagram may lack explicit content, but you can still find women on the platform that enjoy pleasuring themselves. You may even get the chance to DM someone – you never know what you can find on social media sites!

At Social Events

Yes, if you chat up a woman at a bar or club, there is a good chance she also loves to masturbate.

The reason is that most women enjoy masturbating – they're just not as open about it as men are!

So, if you go for classic hook-up methods like hitting on women at bars, etc., then you're very likely to encounter someone who enjoys self-pleasure.

Of course, just make sure that you're not opening with lines about looking for someone that loves to masturbate – that's just creepy. Instead, just use your normal chat-up techniques to score a hook-up or date, and then take things from there.

Remember, everyday women love to masturbate. You don't need to look far and wide to find someone that enjoys pleasuring herself, so continue using your normal picking techniques, and you're likely to find someone.

As the list above shows, there's no shortage of ways to find women that love to masturbate. From dedicated masturbation sites to social media platforms, you can easily find a woman that enjoys masturbating, whether it's online or in person!