AdultFriendFinder - The Best Place to Have a Cam to Cam Masturbation

When it comes to online masturbation and cam to cam chat you have plenty of sites to choose from. One of our choices was AdultFriendFinder. Not just for the ability to find people in real life, but also because it is a great masturbation tool. AdultFriendFinder has grown to be much more than just a sexual dating site.

On AdultFriendFinder one of the major features is the ability to chat with other users on webcam. As soon as this feature was released it became very popular. Not as a way to break the ice, but as a way to start getting off. People have been using it to masturbate for years.

Why do we pick AdultFriendFinder out of all of the adult cam chat sites to be the best site to turn to? Let's take a look.


AdultFriendFinder Is One Of The Oldest Sexual Networks

There have been many social networks that have come and gone for sex on the internet, AdultFriendFinder though has surpassed all of those. AdultFriendFinder was founded by Andrew Conru in 1996 in response to a high demand for people to use is regular social networking service for sex.

Since that time, the amount of people with access to computers has grown and so has the userbase. Being one of the oldest sexual networks on the internet, gives AdultFriendFinder a level of prestige that you won't find with the competition. And makes it more likely to attract more users.

That time tested joy also means that you have a perfect experience. The website is regularly updated to try and combat fishing, scamming, and hacking. Further, you get access to the latest features, such as the ability to have high definition video chat. A big bonus for those that are looking to use AdultFriendFinder to have cam masturbation.

Lots Of Users And Use

The number of people who make accounts on AdultFriendFinder is huge. It is changing from day to day but the number is in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. And how do we know that? AdultFriendFinder has around 25 million visitors to the page every month. That is more than many popular dating websites.

A detailed breakdown finds that the majority of users are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, in that order.

When you join AdultFriendFinder you know you are getting a social media platform that has plenty of users and sees plenty of use. Something that is important when you are going to want to have cam to cam masturbation.

What About Membership?

Making an account is required to access many portions of the AdultFriendFinder website. It is a social networking platform for sex after wall. But just because you create an account doesn't mean you have to pay a thing. But you do get somewhat limited access to the website for free. Messaging and browsing is free.

One month of membership will cost you $20, less than your average gym membership. You can also get 12 months for $180. That is 25% off. Either way, you get access to a lot of features when you sign up for an OPTIONAL paid membership.

But many of us don't have the money for a regular membership or don't want to pay for masturbation. To help with that, AdultFriendFinder has created several ways that you can earn points toward a membership. Activities such as posting videos and pictures will earn you points. You need to earn 4,000 points in order to earn one month of paid membership.

Here are a few more activities that earn points:

  • Voting on articles
  • Creating blog posts
  • Hitting the forums
  • Commenting around the website

Looking to have fun on cam with another person? AdultFriendFinder is likely your place to turn to. There are a lot of options on the site to enjoy. From the beginning, AdultFriendFinder has been one of the best in the industry. It is constantly being listed in top lists for sexual websites and masturbation websites. It doesn't hurt to make a free account and try browsing around the website to determine whether you like what you see or not.

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