Let's Talk About Female Self Pleasure

When it comes to masturbation, men and women often have a different mindset. While most people enjoy self pleasure, it is much more widely acceptable amongst men, who often openly talk about it with each other without batting an eyelid.

In fact, masturbating is almost a rite of passage for teenage males, becoming a core component of their sexual health throughout the remainder of their adult lives.

The same cannot be said for females.

It is sometimes a taboo topic amongst females, with many even going as far as to never try masturbating due their preconceptions about the act. When it's harder to talk openly with your friends about masturbating, many end up feeling embarrassed or even guilty when they do pleasure themselves.

Thankfully, the taboo of female self pleasure has become less prominent recently, with modern women openly talking about masturbation without feeling embarrassed or guilty about it. Of course, old habits die hard, leaving many women still shackled by the idea that masturbating is something they should feel bad about. Let's finally put this idea to rest!

Female Self Pleasure

Is It Normal to Feel Guilty After Pleasuring Yourself?

Yes, it is completely normal to feel guilty after pleasuring yourself - a lot of people both male and female feel this! However, there is absolutely no reason why you should feel bad about masturbating, as it is one of the most natural things you can do.

The guilt can stem from many places, such as feeling ashamed or embarrassed about what you've done, yet the simple truth is that masturbation is natural, healthy, and incredibly common. Next time you feel guilty, remind yourself that people of every age and background do it - even women!

Remember that Female Self Pleasure Is 100% Normal

If you are looking to overcome feelings of guilt or shame about masturbating, just remember that it couldn't be more normal. Millions of women around the globe masturbate and we are living in a modern era where female sexuality has never been more embraced, so don't be dominated by all these negative feelings.

You don't need to look far in modern culture to find examples of how normal female self pleasure is - check out the countless TV shows, movies, and books that reference it for an idea of how common it really is. Many have embraced self pleasure, going as far to incorporate it into their sex lives - just check out these masturbation websites where people self pleasure together online.

Even if you had parents or peers that tried to shame or guilt you about masturbation when you were younger, try to remind yourself that this is the wrong mindset and that it is one of the most normal things in the world.

Don't be Afraid to Embrace Self Pleasure

Some people still feel guilty about masturbating even when they know it's normal, which is completely fine! Sometimes you just need to change up your mindset, with many women embracing masturbation as a form of female empowerment - which it certainly is!

Consider it this way - every man you know is probably masturbating. Your boyfriend, husband, co-workers, and male friends are all at it. They will all laugh, joke, and talk openly about it, so why should it be any different for you because you're female?

Self pleasure is something for everyone, so don't let society make you feel bad about it - embrace it as part of your identity as a strong, independent woman!

Try Talking to Your Friends About It

Now, not all friends talk openly about their sex lives, in which case talking about masturbating can feel somewhat awkward. However, if you do have other women you can talk openly about this topic, it does go a long way to normalising it and helping overcome any negative feelings you might have about it.

You would probably be surprised about just how common it is amongst your friends! Of course, don't feel that you need to go into graphic detail about your exploits in self pleasure, as even just a general discussion about it can go a long way to normalising it.

Keep an eye out for that one friend who is willing to talk about anything - they are a good place to start if you are a bit embarrassed about the topic.

If you prefer not to talk about it with friends, why not listen to others chatting? There are many podcasts, online videos, and books that cover female self pleasure, so even just hearing others talking about it can help.