Is Masturbation Healthy? Some Facts You Need to Know

As many of us know, masturbation is an enjoyable activity. We as human beings love the feeling of getting off, even when sex isn't involved. But there are a lot of people who say that masturbation is bad. Most commonly we have people say that masturbation is a sin. Another large group says that it is unhealthy. Neither fact is true.

Masturbation is a completely normal activity that almost everyone engages in. Most just won't admit it though. Society has made talking about masturbation a rather taboo act. Well, while we can't change most people's stance on talking about masturbation we are going to tell you that masturbation is healthy and give you some facts you need to know.

Masturbation Healthy

You Burn Calories

A lot of people ignore the fact that you actually burn calories when you masturbate. It may not be much, but it contributes to your overall daily calorie burn. On average people tend to burn around 70 calories while masturbating but it varies depending on your specific style. More "aggressive" forms of masturbation will burn more calories. You will also burn more calories the longer you last and the higher your heart rate.

In addition to burning calories you will have less food cravings. One of the chemicals released into the brain during orgasim, oxytocin, increases enjoyment. Don't worry, just the act of stimulating your body will start the release of this chemical. You don't have to finish.

Masturbation Can Help You Sleep Better

For those of you who have never masturbated before bed, you probably have never experienced this. But masturbating before you go to sleep will help you to get to sleep quicker and stay asleep. The release of chemicals during ejaculation helps to soothe the mind. By letting go of tension you are also better preparing yourself for sleep.

You Learn About Yourself When You Masturbate

Masturbation isn't something to be rushed. When you take the time to explore your body you start to learn how it feels when you are touched in a variety of areas. What you learn when you masturbate can help you in your sex life. You learn exactly what it takes to stimulate you. And what doesn't work.

You also learn that your body can really be fun to enjoy. Something that creates a positive body image. Studies have shown that both men and women who engage in regular masturbation feel better about their bodies.

You Improve Your Sperm

When sperm sits in your body for a while the DNA becomes damaged and it becomes less mobile. Some of it dies off. By masturbating regularly you are refreshing your charge of sperm so to say. What you have when your sperm is fresh, is sperm that is better prepared to take on the world and make little ones.

Masturbation Is The Safest Way To Get Off

There are many different ways to get off but masturbation is the safest way possible. You don't involve anyone else in your play which prevents a number of issues. If no one else is involved, there is no one to get pregnant and there is absolutely no way that you can spread any STDs.

You Can Masturbate As Much As You Want… Almost

Both men and women masturbate as much or as little as they want. It doesn't matter if you masturbate every day or once in a while. Over masturbation won't do anything negative to your body. The only time it could become a problem if you become addicted to masturbating and find yourself masturbating instead of carrying out normal activities.

Simply Because It Feels Good

While some things that feel good are not good for you, masturbation both feels good and is healthy. For that simple point we ask why you shouldn't masturbate? If something makes you feel good and doesn't hurt you, it helps you in a number of ways. Such as reducing stress, increasing your happiness, etc.

As you can see masturbation is both healthy and normal. There is nothing wrong with masturbating as long as you are responsible about it. Make sure to read the other articles in our masturbation series and learn more about the fun you can experience when masturbating. Maybe you will have questions answered that you never even knew you had.