Can Masturbation Cure Anxiety?

Whether they admit it to others or not the vast majority of the world masturbates, this includes both men and women. Masturbation has a lot of benefits, some of them you have probably already noticed. Have you ever maturbated and fallen asleep easier? This is just one of the ways that masturbation can help you.

You may have heard recently that masturbation can help with anxiety and stopped to wonder if this is true. The answer is yes, masturbation can help you with your anxiety but how exactly does it do that? Today we are going to take a look at how masturbation will help you with your anxiety.

Masturbation Cure Anxiety

The Feel-Good Hormones

During and after masturbation the release of hormones is triggered in the brain. One of the primary hormones that is release is dopamine, the hormone that is associated with happiness and pleasure. The more dopamine that is present in your mind, the better you feel and the better your mood is. Dopamine does more than just make you feel better though, it causes the levels of cortisol to lower. Cortisol is the hormone that causes stress and the more you control it, the less anxiety you feel.

More Sleep, Less Anxiety

Remember how we mentioned that masturbation helps you sleep? That better sleep that you enjoy from masturbation can help with your anxiety. During your sleep your body and mind takes the time to reset itself and balance out the chemicals in your brain. This reset every night significantly helps reduce the amount of anxiety you feel by giving you the power to get through your day and by reducing the amount of anxiety hormones in your brain.

The bonus you get from more and better sleep? You will have an even better masturbation session the next day as sleep helps to boost your sexual enjoyment.

Masturbation Helps Boost Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of knowing who you are and being connected with the world around you. As you masturbate you learn about your body, what you enjoy, and helps you to think about all of the interactions that you have in your life. The contribution of masturbation to your mindfulness helps you to be more confident in who you are and thus reduces your anxiety. In other words, you are building up your sense of self-esteem.

A higher sense of self-esteem can help especially with specific types of anxiety, such as social anxiety disorder.

What you learn about yourself during masturbation does more than boost your self-image, the mindfulness that you build also helps you to learn about your likes and dislikes. The more you engage in masturbation, the more you learn about who you are and the more connectedness you build with your body.

Give Yourself Power

Whether you are a man or woman who masturbates, the more you learn about your body and likes, the more you feel a sense of power. This sense of power will help you to feel less anxiety but it does more than that. When you start to feel anxious and you have that sense of power that comes from engaging in masturbation, you can help yourself to overcome your anxiety.

Developing a sense of empowerment is a useful skill as no matter what you do you will feel some anxiety as you go about life, anxiety is a natural part of life. With that sense of power you can overcome your anxiety when you need to.

Self-Care is Important

Stress and anxiety tend to build up in our lives, especially with everything going on in the world. Unfortunately, many of us don't engage in enough self-care. Masturbation is a type of self-care and the simple act of taking time out of our day to do something for ourselves can dramatically improve our anxiety and stress levels. The time that you take to dedicate to your masturbation is just the start of your self-care, use it as a starting point to help develop more self-care methods that can further reduce your anxiety.

Masturbation is a natural activity that so many of us engage in every day. By having a little time to masturbate every day you can lower your anxiety levels significantly. Every day before you go to sleep if you spend some time for yourself masturbating you can significantly help your mental health. Use it as a starting point to help you do more for yourself. If you feel as if you need some extra help you should search out some professional help, it can do a lot for you, especially when combined with masturbation.