Why Do Married Men Still Masturbate?

When men get married it is sometimes assumed that they will stop masturbating. People don't understand what compels them to continue. Shouldn't having sex and playing around with one's wife be enough? While a lot of people aren't trying to be judgemental about this, they want to know why men continue to masturbate. The answer to that question isn't as simple as you might think.

In this article we are going to help you understand some of the reasons that married men still masturbate.

Married Men Still Masturbate

Different Sexual Libitos

People are all different and in many circumstances they have different desires. That includes different sexual libitos. Married men will often masturbate because their wives share different sexual needs. Some women like to do it more then men, others like to do it less. When you don't match up on the desired frequency of sexual play, masturbation is a good tool to make up the difference.

Long Distance Situations

Throughout a marriage there are plenty of times when the couple isn't together. Whether traveling on business or going to see family, it isn't uncommon for a couple to split up. When this happens most couples still want to be able to have sexual encounters. And due to the distance you can't have sex itself. This is where the masturbation comes in. It can be used as a tool to enjoy each other without being physically together. Teledildonics (connected sex toys) have made this far easier than ever before.

Scientific studies have actually shown that couples that continue to masturbate and be sexual together while separated by distance have healthier relationships. The time spent together on sexual actiities helps to strengthen the bond between each other and keep hapiness in the relationship.

Maturbation Is A Big Stress Reliever

Almost everyone in today's fast paced world is under some form of stress. Whether that stress comes from complicated family lives or from work, we all develop coping strategies. For both men and women, masturbation can be a great way to combat stress. During and after masturbation, chemicals are released in the body that help to reduce negative thoughts and promote relaxation.

Futher, the act of masturbating by itself is enjoyable and engaging in enjoyable activities can simply combat stress.

It Can Keep Sperm Fresh

If sperm is left in the penis for a while it starts to deteriorate in quality. It becomes less potent and more of the little swimmers die. By masturbating regularly you are helping to keep the sperm fresh and healthy. And as you might deduce, fresh and healthy sperm are better when you are attempting to have a kid.

Masturbating Doesn't Mean You Are Alone

A lot of people hear the word masturbating and picture a man (or woman) in a bathroom alone pleasuring themselves. While this is sometimes true, it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of ways that you can masturbate as a couple. Such as with connected sex toys that allow you to share the experience.

Many couples work masturbation into their sex play as a way to still have sexual enjoyment when they are not together or there isn't time to have sex. Remember that sex often means you need to take a least a few minutes to clean up. Often masturbation can be far simpler.

Masturbating Is Fun

Let's not forget one of the most common reasons for masturbating whether you are married or not. Masturbation is fun, plain and simple. Men and women of all walks of life masturbate because they enjoy the activity. You don't have to have a partner so you can do it whenever you want. Just because you are married doesn't make masturbation suddenly a less fun activity.

We have already mentioned that many couples include masturbation as part of their sex play. This is because it can be very fun. In fact, it can be just as fun as having sex.

While there has often been a stigmatization against masturbation that has been slowly disappearing. More and more people are starting to discuss masturbation and enjoy themselves in their relationships. Masturbating is a perfectly normal activity that both men and women enjoy while in a relationship. And just because they enjoy masturbation while married it doesn't mean that they aren't in a healthy relationship.