Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed To Masturbate

Masturbation is an activity that we learn at an early age. While some parents embrace it, not everyone does. Some people say that religion states we shouldn't masturbate, others say it isn't socially acceptable, and there are many other reasons people feel ashamed to masturbate. Even into adulthood many of us wonder if we should feel ashamed to masturbate.

So should we be ashamed to masturbate? The answer is no. No matter who you are, masturbation is normal. Want proof of that? We are going to go over some of the reasons that you shouldn't be ashamed to masturbate.

Ashamed To Masturbate

Masturbation Is Healthy

The number one reason that you shouldn't be ashamed to masturbate is that it is healthy. Regular masturbation has a number of positive effects on your health. Both your physical health and your mental health. Not to mention that it also helps to keep your sperm fresh and fertile, which can make a difference if you are trying to have a baby.

A major thing that masturbation does for your health is to reduce stress. When you masturbate a chemical is released in your body and mind known as Oxytocin. This chemical causes pleasure and calm feelings.

Almost Everyone Does It

Let's face it, while it might not be comfortable to talk about masturbation, almost everyone does it. Masturbation is something that most of us learn to do as we grow up. Either we are told about it or we find out about it through self discovery. If we all engage in masturbation, why should any of us be ashamed of the act? We shouldn't.

By the way, this goes for both men and women. Everyone masturbates.

Masturbation Allows You To Explore Your Body

While we all develop a sense of self as we are growing up, it is never complete. Masturbation allows us to discover more about our own bodies. Sometimes we learn things physical about our bodies such as places that are sensitive. Other times we learn other things such as body positivity.

Some may ask why not just have sex if you want to learn about your body but there is only so much sex can teach you. It is someone else interacting with your body. During masturbation you are touching your body and learning. This not only teaches you about your body but helps you to build body confidence.

Masturbation Can Be A Healthy Sleep Aid

A large portion of the world has sleep problems in the modern world. If it isn't how busy our lives are, it is the phones or the constant noise from everything around us that makes it hard to sleep. But it is possible to get a healthy sleep aid. Masturbation. After tension is relieved by masturbation your whole body and mind is more at ease and ready for sleep.

After an especially intense masturbation session your whole body will be completely pooped and ready for sleep.

You Are Safer Masturbating Than Having Sex

Sex leaves you at risk of getting pregnant when not trying or catching an STI/STD. The difference is that masturbation doesn't carry those risks. Masturbation is a safe way to enjoy yourself sexually without having to worry about the same issues that sex brings with it. You can even masturbate with a partner so you don't have to do it alone.

Society Has Changed

It used to be that the majority of people would tell you that masturbation is bad. Now that isn't true. Society has been changing throughout the world to become more accepting and carring. While not everyone will tell you that masturbation is normal, the majority of people won't tell you you should feel ashamed. Even if they don't masturbate themselves.

Sex positivity and body positivity are big things in the world right now. Teach yourself and others that there isn't anything wrong with masturbating. There are even some masturbation websites for you to have a wonderful masturbation experience

We want to be perfectly clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating. If you feel ashamed at masturbating, we know those feelings won't go away overnight but we do hope you start training yourself to not feel them. Embrace the fun and positive nature that comes from masturbating. Don't forget you are doing something that is healthy for you!