How to Avoid The Death Grip And Masturbate Properly

Death grip - gripping your penis too hard when you masturbate - has become a surprisingly common issue for a lot of men. While not everyone is familiar with the death grip, it is something that is affecting countless men throughout the world.

It's not just a common issue but one that can cause major problems for those affected, from lowered sexual satisfaction to a less sensitive penis. It can cause issues in relationships and affect your self-confidence, while it could be linked to more serious medical problems.

Plus, a lot of men don't even realize they're gripping too tightly when they masturbate. They're masturbating regularly with a death grip, only realizing there is a problem once more serious side-effects occur.

So, it's helpful to understand more about the death grip and how to best avoid it when you masturbate. Check out our guide below for how to avoid a death grip and masturbate properly:

Death Grip

What is a Death Grip?

Death grip is when a man grips his penis too hard or aggressively when masturbating.

By gripping the penis too hard, it can cause all kinds of issues, including lowered sensitivity in the penis. When this happens, sex can become less enjoyable because the penis is used to a much harder grip.

While it's easy to orgasm when masturbating with a death grip, it can make climaxing from sex much more difficult. The penis becomes less sensitive to penetrative sex, causing many men to struggle to ejaculate.

What Causes Death Grip When Masturbating?

There are many reasons why someone might death grip when masturbating.

Some guys start to masturbate with a death grip when they're young, causing their penis to slowly desensitize over the years. They might not have been taught how to masturbate properly, being completely unaware of the risks of gripping their penis too tightly.

Another reason could be that teenagers don't want to get caught masturbating, so apply a tight grip to climax as quickly as possible.

A death grip means applying a lot of pressure to the penis when masturbating. This pressure feels incredibly nice and fulfilling, making it easy to achieve an orgasm. Men get used to this great-feeling masturbation method, developing the habit permanently over time.

Plus, some men start using a death grip due to external factors. For example, certain medicines, like antidepressants, lower sensitivity in the penis, causing men to masturbate with a tighter grip.

How Do I Know If I Have a Death Grip?

One of the big issues with a death grip is that most guys don't even know they're gripping too tightly. A poor habit quickly becomes permanent, causing them to constantly gripping too tightly without even realizing it.

A simple way to tell if you have issues caused by death grip is that it takes you a lot longer to orgasm during sex. If you come quickly when masturbating but it takes much longer during sex, chances are you have issues with death grip.

Another symptom of death grip is generally lower penile sensitivity. Your penis doesn't feel as sensitive as it used to, whether it's during sex or foreplay. If your penis has little sensation during sex or oral, then it may be because of the death grip.

Also, if you notice you're more aroused by masturbating to porn than sex, then it could indicate issues with death grip. A lot of guys would rather masturbate than have sex, as it simply feels much tighter and more stimulating.

How to Masturbate Properly

While death grip may be causing lots of issues, the good news is that it is easy enough to treat.

Once you identify that you're dealing with a death grip problem, you can take the necessary steps to avoid it going forward. It may take some practice to get back to normal, but you can resolve all the problems caused by death grip masturbation.

Here are our top tips for how to masturbate properly:

Stop Masturbating for a Week

A simple yet effective way to avoid the death grip is to stop masturbating for a week.

Even just taking several days off from self-pleasure can go a long way toward curing your death grip problems. After the seven days, orgasming from sex will probably become much easier.

Try to avoid porn so you don't feel tempted to masturbate for the week! If you have a partner, continue to have sex; you may notice an improvement in a matter of days.

If you're single, just look at the week off as a great way to clear your mind and reset mentally. You'll have more clarity over the situation and be able to focus on resolving the problem.

Once You Start Masturbating Again, Take Things Slowly

Now that you've gone a week without masturbating, you can slowly ease yourself back into things.

Avoiding death grip isn't about giving up masturbation; it's about doing it safely!

So, once you're ready to get back into things, be sure to start slowly and gently. After a week, you probably won't need much stimulation, so avoid gripping too hard or aggressively.

Another good idea is to try to get an erection without touching yourself. Your penis should be more sensitive again, making it easier to get an erection without excessive force.

When you masturbate, try to use slow, gentle strokes with a light grip. Also, consider using a lubricant to further increase sensitivity when you're masturbating.

Reduce Your Porn Intake

Yes, you may want to start watching less porn to treat your death grip.

Depending on how often you consume porn, it could be linked to a lowered sensitivity in your penis. Plus, it's going to be much easier to stop masturbating as aggressively when you're not bombarded with hardcore porn or masturbate sites.

You don't need to quit porn entirely; just try to reduce your intake to a healthier level.

For example, once you ease yourself back into masturbation, consider not watching porn for a week. During this week, focus entirely on using soft and gentle strokes without squeezing too hard. Porn can make you forget about how hard you're gripping at times!